Are you investing in sustainable productivity growth and reducing the turnover of your key people?

Traditionally, organisations fall into one of two categories when it comes to coaching.


Those that spend money on coaching and developing their leaders and staff, and those that don't!


The companies that are committed to the growth and sustainability of their business and which do invest in their leaders have taken an important step. However, one or more of the following problems are common:


  • They don't get the return on the investment (or are unable to measure the ROI effectively) because ‘textbook' coaching strategies are inappropriate for their team of individuals.
  • Leaders still don't step up and enable those they manage because their personality isn't the right fit for the leadership position.
  • Participants in leadership coaching have great relationships with the coach but aren't committed to changing their behaviour and don’t implement recommendations.
  • The leadership coaching programs aren't customised or linked to the company's unique values and behaviours which means they don’t get results.


For those organisations that don't invest in coaching and development of their leadership teams, it's worth noting the implications of inadequately performing leaders and why it's in the company's best interests to make an investment in them:


  • Studies show that 15% of your people deliver 80% of value so it's crucial to the sustainability of a business that those key players are retained.
  • For every key staff member lost, it costs up to 100% of their salary cost to replace them. Costs include recruitment, training, and time taken to make their replacement productive.
  • Destructive cultural impacts arise when central personalities leave organisations.
  • Staff need development or they leave for career and development opportunities which you can’t offer them. This impacts product and service delivery and ultimately customer loyalty and trust.


None of these widely experienced problems is the fault of the company!


Whether you're committed to investing in leadership coaching or not, it's possible that your investment has been made into the wrong model to suit the business.


A model that wasn’t designed with your specific need and leaders in mind won’t create sustainable cultural change and help you lift creativity and productivity.


What IS within your power is the future!

What is leadership coaching and why does it matter?



    Coaching is fundamentally about defining and achieving RESULTS in both your business and life.


    The way you view the world (your thinking and mindset) is unique to you. Your role, your family, the people around you, the organisation you work with and what you want out of life is your choice. Therefore, your context for coaching is unique to the SITUATION of you and your leaders, and can't be defined by a pre-designed blueprint.


    Your POTENTIAL is the person you become as a result of your personal and professional growth. It's an unlimited destination depending on the effort you put into your own growth and behaviour. You were born with unlimited POTENTIAL.


    Things get in the way of you reaching your potential. The coaching process is transformational because it helps you systematically remove the INTERFERENCES that stop you (or your team) reaching their potential. This isn't immediate, it takes time to create new habits.

Why does coaching lift performance?


A leader will often need to choose between a myriad of options which are all correct! For the unconfident or unskilled leader, this can lead to a range of ‘keep them up at night' dilemmas.


Most leader’s dilemmas are complex and are far from one-dimensional:

  • How do I deliver results in my business and live the life that I want to?
  • How do I motivate and maintain relationships with my team as well as deliver short term results?
  • How do I strategise and build the future while also delivering today?
  • How do I grow the existing business while also generating future revenue streams?
  • How do weigh up what’s right for the individual versus what’s right for the team or business?



A lack of coaching leaves many leaders unable to reconcile common dilemmas and may affect their performance and attitude in the following ways:


  • They become flat and uninspired.
  • They lose motivation.
  • Their performance suffers.
  • The performance of those they're leading suffers.
  • They ultimately leave your organisation in search of an opportunity that will develop them.
  • They'll potentially take members of their team with them.

Would you like to talk about how to create a specific program for your leaders?

Having worked on this program with a range of business owners, CEOs and leaders I've worked out that getting an early sense of chemistry or "fit" is important. It is more likely to lead to great work and results.

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How do you scale coaching and retain the customisation (leadership coaching 3.0)?


Developments in technology have adapted the way we learn from typical student-teacher education. These days, people prefer to learn in the following ways:

  • The Netflix effect.

    Your leaders want choice. They want access to everything so they can decide what works best to solve their problem or achieve their goal. It’s frustrating when someone else makes that choice for you.

  • The Cloud

    Information can now be stored on a centralised platform which has limitless potential for scaling learning. Those being coached are directed to this information by the human and group coaching processes so it’s relevant to their context.

  • Built for Me

    While we have more information at our disposal than ever, and some may say we're bombarded, our patience for content that doesn't help us solve a relevant problem is low. We're no longer prepared to sift through the information we don't need to get to what is relevant. We expect it at our fingertips, immediately.

Design Your Own Coaching


Leadership Coaching 3.0 = DYOC (Design Your Own Coaching).


For maximum value, leadership coaching must be structured around you, your business, your leaders, and your goals.


Based on your individual specifications, delivery of your coaching program is in such a way that is user-centred, robust, flexible, and seamless.


The five steps to designing your own coaching program are as follows:


Step 1: You choose your leaders that you want to invest in.

Step 2: You start with a vanilla coaching framework and structure

Step 3: You choose from the coaching elements below that suit your organisation and audience (further advice can be given at this stage if required).

Step 4: With our guidance, together we create the program that suits your organisation and leaders and we give it a unique program name.

Step 5: Then, together, we roll it out.


It's just like shopping in a supermarket that’s laid out for your needs. You go to the exact aisle where the ingredients you need to create the perfect meal are located. You don't waste your time OR money searching through the supermarket for ingredients, or ending up with something similar and hoping for the best!


To scale your coaching and build a sustainable pipeline of high performing leaders...

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