People who are successful and passionate in their jobs and life

What is the reason I built this program?

In 2014 Gallop did a global survey of people's engagement in their jobs and it showed disengagement at an all time low of 87%. 

A Staggering Statistic. 

If you are one of these people then I built this program for you. I've made reversing this statistic my mission. 

Here's the thing...

You are a talented person who has so much to give, you're just in the wrong job or career for you right now.

You may be in a role or organisation or work for someone you don't connect with.

You may not be growing or developing in your role. 

You've lost direction or a in a treadmill pattern. 

And because of that you've lost passion and purpose. And you wake up each day wondering why you should get out of bed. 

Or it's impacting your personal life. You find yourself getting angry or frustrated with friends or your family. You find yourself withdrawing into your comfort zone rather than trying new things, testing yourself and interacting with new ideas and people. 

And at work you're not making as big of an impact as you could.

You do what is required, rather than bringing every part of you to the job. 

So you're not making as much money as you could be.

You're not creating new things or building the legacy that you thought you would. 

When I felt like this back in 2012 I investigated the options and the cost was up to $3000 for career assessments, counselling, vocational guidance. In fact I remember advising my brother against doing this at the time!

I believe that you already know what makes you happy at work and in your life.

You just need a process at certain times in your life to help you remember and to take the next steps forward. 

This course is designed to get you clarity,  build you a plan, and be flexible enough that you can take it in your own time at your own pace. 



What will you get




  • Proven Career Coaching Process

    The program uses a 3 phase methodology that has been used with professional people all over the world in treadmill careers to get them greater awareness of whats holding them back, clarity of what they want to do next, and increased choice and control over their future

  • Fit the program around your lifestyle

    How would you like to choose when and where you take this program. At night time after work or when the the kids go to bed? Or are you a morning person and will you do it first thing when you are at your freshest? YOU CHOOSE.

  • Best practice online Career Coaching

    Online learning is now a $5 Billion world wide industry. This program has the benefit of learning from the best programs out there. It is full of content including videos, worksheets and descriptions of activities and exercises. It also includes a forum where you can connect and learn from others experiences.

What benefit have other people got from the process?

  • Liz
    After putting myself forward for a more senior post with my company and feeling relief when I wasn't successful, I realised it was time for "me time". With 15 more working years ahead of me , I wanted to assess where I was and most importantly where I wanted to be in the future. The process run by Andrew guided my journey of reflection and planning through activities, questioning, listening, inputting his experience and giving relevant examples. All with a practical, action orientated outcome in mind. Specifically valuable to me was digging further into what it is that gives me the buzz, through outside feedback and looking more closely at my naval! It has given me clarity and focus to establish a path and goals for the years to come. I see it now as an upward spiral, as a means to fulfil the life that I want to lead, not a path of doubt about my abilities.
  • Henry
    It's been an incredibly enlightening and rewarding process working with Andrew. My goal was to shed light on what the next chapter of life looked like, taking into account skills and a desire for purpose and quieting the lizard brain that wakes us up at 4am questioning our choices. His process and coaching gave me some real light-bulb moments around my motivations, where I draw my energies from and why I've taken the decisions about work and life I have in the past and how these can help guide future choices. He encourages patience with the thought process so as not to disappear down a rabbit-hole of a particular idea and to keep bringing it back to the big picture. Our sessions have also led me to investigate authors and experts who tackle these challenges too, great brain food. The result for me has been a structure to address the nuts and bolts of the next 12 months and the creation of a new online entity with the working title GetLoggedOff - a how-to community for people wanting to have great experiences with the friends and family away from the distractions of everyday technology. When this grows into what I'm planning for, a large part will be down to the coaching processes of Andrew shedding light on what I should be doing best. If you're juggling the 'what does the next chapter of life and work look like to me' question, get on the phone to Andrew now. If you want to see where his expertise has guided me to check out
  • Andrew & Sara got value from the process as a couple
    We decided to engage Andrew’s services after both reaching a point in our careers where it was time for a change, but were a bit unsure of how to best find a new direction. We also realized that we were getting to the point where other aspects in our lives, such as family, were just as important as climbing the corporate ladder. Andrew helped us consider how we might shape and build our own individual careers within the broader context of how we wanted to live our lives. Andrew’s technique provoked personal introspection which opened our minds to possible alternatives and a basis for action.
    Andrew & Sara got value from the process as a couple

Do you want to grow in your career again?


Sneak preview from the inside of the program about what you'll experience and how to get started...

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get?

  • 12 months access to the online career program with all the premium videos, tools and activities that I've built and use with successfully with the people I coach 
  • access to a forum where you can interact with me and others in the program

Where does the coaching start and end?

  • From wherever you are at the moment to the insight around what you are going to do next and the creation of a plan to build your future career and life.
  • I will be offering an implementation product but don't currently offer that now 

Will this work on mobile devices and tablets?

  • Yes

Do you offer refunds? 

  • Not for this product

What if I have technical problems?

  • Post a note in the forum marked "Program and Technical Support Questions" 


Traditional Career Coaching Programs
up to $3000

Not Flexible

Focused on a specific next job not your overall career purpose

Not Proven to get results