30 minutes to begin to remove the doubt and uncertainty


For many people they don’t know where they are headed and what questions they need to answer next…and this can lead us to a number of daily problems:

  • you are unhappy at work and don’t know why
  • there's a lack of meaning in your current role
  • you feel a lack of connection to the team or company you work for
  • you get anxious about work on Sunday night or don’t want to get out of bed Monday morning
  • you're not not reaching your potential or progressing
  • you are getting angry or frustrated for no particular reason
  • you feel stuck
  • you are 2nd guessing your instinct about your next career move

If you stay like this for too long it can seriously effect your happiness. Your friends say you’re not fun to be around, your relationships can suffer, and you aren’t motivated at work, which compounds the problem.

If you don’t address it in the long term you can end up stressed and/ or depressed, unfit and lacking in motivation and energy.  

The first mindset I teach in my programs is that “*all progress starts by telling the truth”.

If you are honest about where you are at and what you want, this kickstarts the process of learning how your circumstances could be different for you and getting clear on how you want things to be.

The problem is that for many of us:

You can’t decipher the signals of unhappiness before its too late 

In your busy life,  you aren’t sure what’s important and what’s noise.

You doubt that that personal image you have of true success and satisfaction is possible for you. 

And you convince yourself that you should just tough it out. 

But you know that the core problem remains. 

At it’s simplest level what you need is someone to help you to clarify what's important. 

To help you uncover the core things holding you back.

I’ve spent my working career as a consultant helping people diagnose complex problems and make them simple and actionable. First at Deloitte and then with a range of the biggest organisations in the world. My mission now is helping the worlds professional workforce  have more successful and satisfying lives and careers.

What if you had complete clarity about the questions you needed to answer to move you forward in your career? 

What would it mean for your life? 

You could stop worrying, fretting and spiralling downwards. You could start to look for help to move forward. 

It would improve your daily energy, your mood and your relationships.  

You could start the process towards meaning, success and satisfaction. 

It all starts with one 30 minute call and investing $59.  

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